Long sleeve shirts

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Men's long sleeve shirts

Choose from our selection of long sleeve shirts for men. Choose the color, size and custom design for a classic-cut 100% cotton long sleeve shirt. There are also Raglan long sleeved shirts with the collar and arms in navy, black or red. Other long sleeved styles are more form fitting and most of our long sleeve shirts are made with comfortable 100% cotton material. All styles can be personalized to fit your needs. Choose to print a photo of your team on your shirts or your business colors and motto to offer to employees or customers.

Men's Long Sleeve

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Men's Long Sleeve by AA

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Men's Raglan Long Sleeve

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Women's long sleeve shirts

Choose the style, color and size of the perfect long sleeve shirt. Choose from a hooded style and a hoodless open necked long sleeve style for women. Both styles are made from 100%, soft material where your photo or wording of your choice can be printed and customized just how you want it. This personalized long sleeve shirt will quickly become your most comfortable and warmest addition to your day to day wardrobe.

Women's Long Sleeve Shirt

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Women's Long Sleeve Hoodie

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Notes about Longsleeve printing

  • Who Wears Customized Long Sleeve Shirts?

    Customized long sleeve shirts are ideal for sports teams, employees and group adventures or trips abroad where you need to keep a group together. Long sleeves add a little extra warmth and this personalized shirt will be a sweet reminder of the event it commemorates. Men and women of all sizes will find the perfect fit and each customized shirt can be personalized with individual names or team numbers.
  • What can I print on a long sleeve shirt?

    Print any image or design you desire on your custom long sleeve shirt. Upload a file with your family's coat of arms or your company's emblem. Print the design of your choice onto the front or back of your shirt. Each family member can create their individual customized long sleeve shirt to match their personality. There are many images and designs already available within the Shirtbird.co.uk website library.
    Print the words that inspire you and inspire others each time you wear your custom long sleeve shirt. Choose from the extensive library of fonts and font sizes on Shirtbird.co.uk. Shout out your favorite saying, placing it on the front and or back of the long sleeve shirt that you personalize. Choose the color, size and what you want to represent with your words and images.
    Upload your own digital photo to Shirtbird.co.uk. Keep the file size between 50x50 pixels up to 4000 x 4000 pixels and do not exceed 10 MB sized file uploads. Provide photos or images that are your own and will not infringement on copyright. Any color photo or black & white photo can be printed upon a customized long sleeve shirt.
  • For what occasions do I need a custom designed long sleeve shirt?

    Personalized long sleeved shirts are great for group events, school outings, team sports, families or for special birthday gifts or anniversary presents. Children love to wear custom cloths that says their name, has their picture or displays their favorite team or a picture of their pet. There are unlimited possibilities as to what and how you can print what you want on our custom long sleeve shirts. You will have fun creating and giving a customized shirt that you designed yourself.
  • What other products can I customize other than a long sleeve?

    There are so many customizable items and accessories that can be personalized. You have control over what will be printed on any of our T-shirts, jackets, vests, aprons, sports wear and much more. There are sizes and colors that children will love as well as items for all sizes ranging from extra small to infant sizes all the way up to extra large and tall sizes for men. You are only limited by your imagination and your commitment to create the perfect customized item.
  • Do you have more questions?